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  Jining billion science and technology development co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research、Production、Technology promotion、Trade in a body's large-scale antirust paint、Anticorrosive coatings manufacturers,Mainly engaged in epoxy zinc rich primer、Fluorocarbon lacquer、Epoxy resin paint、Organic siliconHigh temperature resistant paint、Epoxy asphalt paint、Conducting electrostatic anticorrosion paint、Glass flake anticorrosive paint、Waterborne anticorrosive paintSuch as anticorrosive paint。Passing by8My company has now become a have years of development50Multiple product categories of paint manufacturers,Scope of business from a single paint products to multi-function products,And in2013By years of successISO9001International quality certification system。In order to continuously improve service levels、Product supply capacity,Our company annual production capacity has reached100000Tons of production capacity。

  Now my company antirust paint products mainly:Epoxy paint(Epoxy antirust paint)、Coal tar anti-corrosion paint、Chlorinated rubber anti-corrosive paint、High chlorinated polyethylene anticorrosive paint、Chlorosulfonated polyethylene anticorrosive paint、Conducting electrostatic anticorrosion paint、Acrylic polyurethane paint series、Floor lacquer、High temperature paint、Red lead paint、Alkyd antirust paint、Iron oxide red antirust paint、Glass flake anticorrosive paint、Scale acid zinc primer、Epoxy ester antirust paint and all kinds of machinery、Industrial anti-corrosion paint, antirust paint。Product category52Kind of,Let the customer more choices,Strive for the user to achieve one-stop shopping、Convenient and quick、Antirust paint price more really!

  My company's products in the process of production,My company to fully implementISO-9001Quality system requirements,With perfect testing means,Strict production process,The advanced management mode,Ensure the stability of product quality。Show the company has always been to“The quality for this,High-quality service”For the purpose,Pursues“Development and innovation,Strive for perfection”The spirit of enterprise,Continuously improve product quality,Continue to improve service levels,Pursue“The first-class products,The first-class service”The purpose of,Ensure that provide customers with satisfactory products,The high quality service。

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