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Ding machinery co., LTD is located in shandong ltd.was mountain shuihu hometown with a long history--Shandong ltd.was,The company covers an area of15000Square meters,Has the fixed asset2000Ten thousand yuan。Our company is specialized in the research and development production of grilled slag machine Underground loader Mining trucks and other engineering machinery,Has passedISO9001:2000Quality management system certification。 The company has strong scientific research strength,According to the market demand,Directional technology development,The research and development of various types of mine excavating loader,Small grilled slag machine,Caterpillar grilled slag machine,Grilled mining slag machine,Wheeled grilled slag machine sold at home and abroad,Production of small scraper,Wheel scraper,Tunnel engineering scraper deeply user high praise and trust。 Companies adhere to the people-oriented management concept,To serve as the core,Aspire to in mining machinery industry,To provide customers with all-weather、A full range of technical support。 ...

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Grilled slag machine in the matters needing attention in the process of use

1、The operator must be in good health,In the age18—50One full year of life,Special operations and after training with a valid card mount guard。2、There must be on the local operation

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How to beat the summer grilled slag machine you know?

According to high temperature of grilled slag machine engine easily、The cooling system、The hydraulic system、Circuit and tire has certain harm。So the related prevention work,From these aspects

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Grilled slag machine common failures and troubleshooting methods:The oil pump

Grilled slag machine common failures and troubleshooting methods:Inside the pump noises Too little in the amount of oil in the tank。 From the inhalation of air suction pipeline。

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Winter, grilled slag machine repair and maintenance of common sense

After entering the winter,Many companies face the lunar New Year holiday,For mining industry,Grilled slag machine for a long time after work,There is a rare“Have a rest”Time

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