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  Cangzhou insein pump industry group co., LTD. Is located in botou city in hebei province industrial development zone,The geographical position is superior,The Beijing and tianjin to the north、The bohai sea in the east(Oil drilling)、West of shijiazhuang、Only south to jinan200Kilometers.The beijing-shanghai high speed railway、The highway、104National road runs through the city,The railroad industry is very convenient.Cangzhou insein pump industry group co., LTD. With its branches:Potow ho oil pump manufacture co., LTD、Zhengzhou wing of pump industry co., LTD、Zhengzhou Thai bond mechanical equipment co., LTD  Product specification is complete,The main products are:Roots pump、Rotor pump、Stainless steel pumpHigh viscosity pump、Three screw pump、Asphalt heat pump、Heat pump、CAM rotor pump、Stainless steel pump、Gear oil pump、The circular arc gear pump、KCBGear pump、2CYGear pump、YCBGear pump、YCB-GHeat pump、GType of single screw pump、3GThree screw pump、ISClear water centrifugal pump, and other products。Reliable performance,High quality and low price,Won the trust of our customers.Product marketing throughout the country,Well-made,It is widely used in oil、Chemical industry、Oil and grease、Food、Pharmaceutical、Rubber、Plastics、Textiles、Printing and dyeing、Synthetic fiber、Shipbuilding、Highway patrol、Wood processing、Engineering machinery and equipment supporting industries co., LTD

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  • Movable gear pump
    Movable gear pump in the oil system can be used as a transport、The booster pump;Can be used as a transport in the fuel system、Pressure、Jet fuel pump;In all industries....
  • NYPThe method of rotor pump
    NYPInternal tooth or high viscosity rotor pump is according to the oil、Chemical industry、Paint and other industries demand,Developed a new type of positive displacement pump,Due to the internal tooth high....
  • KCBStainless steel circular pump
    KCBSeries stainless steel arc heat pump can transport without lubrication oil、Drink、Low corrosive liquid。
  • BWCBAsphalt heat pump
    BWCBAsphalt heat pump for conveying has thickened under normal temperature、Solidification or crystallization and maintain a certain temperature and easy flow of medium,Such as asphalt、Paraffin wax....
  • RYHigh temperature heat conduction oil pump
    High temperature hot oil pump support adopted the structure of double ball bearing support,The front-end used lubricating oil,Back end lubricated by grease,There is a guide....
  • 3GScrew pump
    3GScrew pump is mainly used in the fuel delivery、Hydraulic engineering、Marine engineering,Petrochemical and other industries.3GScrew pump is mainly used in the fuel delivery、Hydraulic engineering....
  • LCXHigh viscosity roots pump
    Produced by our companyLCHigh viscosity roots pump,Belt drive and gear reducer drive two forms.This pump is:Low RPM、High efficiency、Small volume、....
  • CYZSelf-priming centrifugal pump
    CYZCentrifugal oil pump used to transport gasoline、Kerosene、Diesel,Aviation kerosene and other petroleum products,Is gasoline pump,The first selection of diesel pump.
  • YCBExplosion-proof arc pump
    YCBExplosion-proof arc pump is suitable for the transport does not contain fiber and solid particles,Temperature is not higher than80℃,For the viscosity5×10-6~1.5×10-3m2/s(5-1500cS....
  • NCBHigh viscosity rotor pump
    NCBType method of high viscosity gear pump is applicable to transport all kinds of light、Volatile liquid,Until the heavy、Viscous liquid,Even the semi-solid liquid,A wide range of applications....

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